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We hope that our company’s offer of high quality, individual and diverse language courses, and favourable terms of translation and interpretation services and wide selection of our bookshop are appealing to you and we hope to welcome you among our clients soon.

Language courses

The dates of currently offered courses can be found on our website but if demand requires it we can start new courses anytime.

One-to-one private lectures and company courses can be started anytime to fit individual needs.

Traditional courses

Two, three or four forty-five-minute-lessons twice or three times a week. Compared to intensive courses these traditional courses are longer in procession.

Intensive courses

A really effective way to learn a language as with this type of course learners may achieve more in one month than with a few lessons a week for a year. If you choose this course you will have four lessons every weekday.

Super intensive courses

More intensive than intensive courses as students have 6 lessons a day.

Üdülési csekk elfogadóhely
At Royal Language School you can pay the fee of your course with Holiday cheque.

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